when Wembanyama plays with a flocked jersey… “Wembanyana”

Small problem on Victor Wembanyama’s jersey last night… Screenshot

THE SPORT SCAN – The Frenchman started the game against Golden State with his name misspelled on his jersey. Unusual.

Do you know Victor “Wembanyana”? No ? However, it is this boy who started with number 1 in the ranks of San Antonio, last night, on the floor of the Chase Center. Joking aside, this is the name that could be read on Wembanyama’s jersey throughout the first quarter of the Golden State-San Antonio match, in San Francisco. That didn’t bother the Frenchman too much, who scored nine points during the opening 12 minutes of the game… However, the Texan club provided him with a tunic on which his name was spelled correctly during the second quarter.

Unusual image which will perhaps delight a wealthy collector in the days or weeks to come. This “Wenbanyana” jersey will become a collector’s item… Remember that the 19-year-old prodigy’s first jersey, that of his match against Dallas, was sold for nearly 700,000 euros at auction.

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