“When will the inversion of the inflation curve?”

The very significant food inflation continues, following the general trend of inflation, its slow decline, standing at 11.1% in August against 12.7% in July. 181369814/Seventyfour – stock.adobe.com

COLUMN – The trajectory of the energy markets in the coming months will be decisive.

French politicians are players. After the promise of an inversion of the unemployment curve which tripped up François Hollande at the end of 2016, it is for eighteen months the trajectory of inflation which inspires the bets of the executive. Without having the imprudence to correlate his possible presidential destiny with this development, Bruno Le Maire thus ensured from the start of 2022 that the rate of price increases would calm down in the coming months. He ended up being right last April. Emmanuel Macron, for his part, specialized in forecasts on food inflation, uring in the spring that it would be “hard until the end of the summer” then, in May, that the price increases on food products would be “absorbed (…) by autumn“.

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These announcements offend mathematics less than the improbable socialist dreams of an inverted curve. However, they will not help the French economic debate to progress, as they maintain the belief, comforting but quickly…

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