When Youtubers dub their videos in foreign languages ​​to conquer new markets

Rather than captioning their videos, more and more content creators are opting for dubbing in order to be better referenced by YouTube. But the road to profitability is long.

“I survived 50 hours in Antarctica”, “Extreme hide and seek with 100 people” or “I offered an island to a subscriber.” By starting a MrBeast video, some might think that the American videographer is French-speaking. However, a slight gap remains between the sound and the image. The video was translated into French and then dubbed by a production company.

Since April 2021, YouTube has implemented a feature to create multiple audio tracks for the same video. The content language automatically adjusts to the country in which the user is located. Thanks to this tool, the American videographer dubs his videos into thirteen languages. This allows it to generate more than 10 million views per content, spread across 150 countries.

If YouTube only offers this option to a handful of videographers, that does not prevent other creators from embarking on the adventure of dubbing. Failing to have several audio streams, they open new accounts. The Tutorial Channel TroomTroom thus has 17 secondary accounts, Like Nastyafollowed by nearly 88 million people, has also been dubbed into a dozen languages.

In France, several YouTubers have also positioned themselves in the niche. Like Dr. Nozmanwhich has just launched a Japanese language account on TikTok and YouTube. “It was after a trip that I had this idea for a channel. I wanted to challenge myself and learn a new language at the same time»he enthuses.

Triple revenue

For all these videographers who export themselves, the objective is twofold: “conquer new markets by breaking down the language barrier and improve international referencing“, notes Stéphanie Laporte, founder of the social media agency and influencer OTTA. If before, subtitles were enough to highlight international content, YouTube’s recommendation algorithms now analyze the language spoken in the video. “Dubbing makes it easier to go up in YouTube recommendations. All this, by making the content profitable,” she continues.

Once editing and filming is complete, all you have to do is add a voice-over to the images and you’re done. An observation shared by Caroline Mignaux, expert in digital growth strategy: “With a single video, YouTubers see their audience multiplied and therefore maximize their profits.MrBeast is thus the second videographer, behind Mastu, to have gained the most subscribers on YouTube France in 2022 with more than 1.7 million new followers.

According to Eyal Baumel, manager of the channel Like Nastya interviewed in 2020 by the newspaper Hindustan Times revenue from some videos available in multiple languages “doubled or even tripled”. But the popularity of YouTubers is an important factor to consider in the calculation.

“If MrBeast makes a video in French, the audience will flock because he is an essential YouTuber.If I release a video in the United States, I am nobody so it will be more difficult”, points out Dr. Nozman. Indeed, for less influential videographers, making themselves known abroad is not easy. You have to start from scratch. Especially since a video acclaimed by the French public may not appeal internationally. “As an example, English humor is difficult to translate”jokes Stéphanie Laporte.

In an attempt to conquer a borderless audience, creators adapt their content to the target country. “I make the edit more dynamic with choppy footage, flashy writing, etc. Like popular TV shows in Japan», says Dr. Nozman. But all this at a cost. To produce his videos for the Japanese archipelago, the Breton relies on a small team: an interpreter, responsible for translating the content and an assistant, based in Japan, who puts the video online and analyzes the audiences. .

“I don’t earn anything with this content”

Unlike the big names in YouTube, not all videographers can afford an expensive dubbing team or company. Kevin Tran (Le Rire Jaune) has therefore decided to double its content itself. Since March 2021, the engineer has been publishing videos in English and Chinese. “My number of views has dropped compared to when I was posting in Frenchhe explained in 2022 to the World. Producing English or Chinese videos and pausing French videos is a huge financial risk for me. »

A report confirmed by Dr. Nozman. “It represents a phenomenal amount of work. For the moment I do not earn any income on these contents.he admits. The least expensive solution is still subtitling. “With English translations, the content is accessible in 120 countries for zero euros”quantifies Caroline Mignaux, herself a content creator.

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