which deputies will vote for the motion of censure? How many LRs does it take to overthrow the government?

A “transpartisan” motion of censure, carried by the group of Freedom, Independent, Overseas and Territories deputies, was tabled on Friday March 17 and will be put to the vote on Monday.

In the National embly, the Renaissance group and its allies have a relative majority of seats. If the opposition voted for the motion, they could overthrow the government. This was not the case during previous motions of censure, from La France insoumise, Nupes as a whole or the National Rally.

Could the political crisis triggered by the adoption, without a vote in the embly, of the pension reform thanks to article 49.3 of the Constitution change the situation and lead the opposition deputies to vote together on a motion of censorship?

To count the votes, we umed that all groups would vote in a disciplined manner, with the notable exception of the Republicans. Indeed, if the president of the party, Eric Ciotti, announced that his 61 deputies were not going to vote in favor of the motion of censure, they are at least four to have announced the opposite : Ian Boucard, Fabien Di Filippo, Maxime Minot and Pierre Cordier; Aurélien Pradié, meanwhile, cast doubt.

Finally, we counted those not registered in the votes in favor of the motion of censure, insofar as these deputies (including Emmanuelle Ménard, Nicolas Dupont-Aignan and Adrien Quatennens) make no secret of their opposition to the government.

Pierre Breteau

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