Who are the guests of “What a time!” this Saturday December 2 on France 2?

For once, Léa Salamé will present this evening a line-up entirely composed of journalists, including Natacha Polony, Ruth Elkrief and Franz-Olivier Giesbert.

Like every Saturday in “What a time!”, Léa Salamé will receive this evening a host of personalities who have come to discuss their current affairs, current events in general and the world as a whole. The talk show, whose success is no longer in doubt, attracts more and more people. So viewers will see (and hear) the journalists Natacha Polonyeditorial director of the weekly Marianne since 2018, Benjamin Duhamel, head of “BFM Politique” since September 2023, as well as Franz-Olivier Giesbertincluding the third volume of his Intimate history of the Fifth Republic was published on November 2. Already three journalists and it’s not over.

Because the mistress of ceremonies also invited Ruth Elkriefwho last June joined David Pujadas’ show, “24H Pujadas”, on LCIBruno Jeudy, director of La Tribune Dimanche, and Anna Cabana, wife of former minister Jean-Michel Blanquer, who joined the ranks of Nouvel Weekly. This will promote the comedies of good conscience, a work in which good conscience, according to its back cover, “serves as a mask for sincere moralizers, real Tartuffes or fake virtuous people”. The book was published on November 8, by Bouquins editions.

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The journalist Jean-Baptiste Marteau, at the helm of the Franceinfo morning show since the start of the school year, will also be present, as well as the political analyst Brice Teinturier and Camille Vigogne Le Coat. The latter, still a journalist, will discuss the recent publication of Raptorsone in which she tackles David Rachline, the RN mayor of Fréjus, and recounts the exercise of power by the National Rally on the basis of details, information and unpublished recordings. Finally, Pablo Pillaud-Vivien, editor-in-chief of the magazine Regardswho recently created controversy by drawing a parallel between the drama of Crépol And The War of the Buttons by Louis Pergaud.

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A very journalistic set therefore. Without forgetting: “Le Phil Actu” and “Le Phil Pol” by Philippe Caverivièrethe interventions of Paul de Saint Sernin in the public, the sometimes untimely outbursts of Christophe Dechavanne.

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