who are Tibo inShape and Juju Fitcats, the YouTubers with millions of subscribers?

The couple with colossal success on the Internet is one of the 18 candidates for the second season of the game broadcast by M6 from July 12, every Wednesday in prime time.

Guest of the program “Quelle époque! broadcast on October 8 on France 2, Tibo inShape had been presented by Léa Salamé as ” Ione of the ten most powerful influencers in France”. In 2013, Thibaud Delapart of his real name had launched his YouTube channel by posting videos of his bodybuilding exercises. “I’m 30 today, I started videos when I was 22 and bodybuilding when I was 17”he said, emphasizing that the click of his physical grip had been a heavy ault “with a baseball bat” while he was walking with friends. “I was angry with myself for not being able to defend myself or to be able to protect my loved ones. »

Since then, the young man from Haute-Garonne has never stopped indulging in bodybuilding. Its community is impressive: 9.8 million subscribers on YouTube, 5.1 million on Instagram and 9.6 million on TikTok. As an extension of this activity, he created his sportswear brand, Teamshape, and his range of vitamins and dietary supplements, InShape Nutrition. This considerable success and this pion for sport, Thibaud Delapart has been sharing since 2017 with Justine Becattinia.k.a Juju Fitcats, whom he proposed to in September 2022. The 28-year-old is an accomplished influencer herself, boasting 2.9 million subscribers on her YouTube channel, 3.2 million on Instagram and 4.7 million on TikTok. Together, they launched their own sports and nutrition advice app, Shape You.

“We hesitated a lot before agreeing to participate in the “Traitors””

Tibo inShape

Like many other personalities on the Web, Tibo inShape and Juju Fitcats have no shortage of proposals from the world of television. The last two years, they agreed to participate in “Fort Boyard” on France 2 and, last spring, they took part in the filming of season 2 of “Traitors” for M6. A show where pretenses and lies are an integral part of the game to hope to go far. Among the 18 candidates in competition installed in the closed doors of a medieval castle, two opposing camps: the Loyal on one side, largely in the majority, and the Traitors on the other. But no one knows who is who. Each night, the latter have the power to arbitrarily eliminate a Loyal. And during regularly organized councils, a candidate supposed to be a traitor is eliminated by a majority of votes.

“The Traitors”: the candidates for season 2

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“Les Traitors” is a game capable of sowing discord within a couple. “We hesitated a lot before agreeing to participate.recognized Tibo inShape. Everything was going well in our couple and everything is going very well today. But we wondered what we were getting into. » Juju Fitcats ures her couple is “came out stronger” of this shoot. “We had conditioned ourselves to participate in this game without it affecting our relationship. We quickly lost our footing because it’s very immersive. We were disconnected from our reality where we used to be daily on our phone and our social networks. » Her husband says he appreciated this technological withdrawal and this obligation to “Reconnect to real life”.

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