Who from Captain Marleau or Morgane Alvaro from HPI said this line?

QUIZ- Audrey Fleurot and Corinne Masiero are respectively on TF1 and France 2, the queens of punchlines. It’s up to you to ociate these tirades with the right character. Will you get 10/10?

TF1 has been broadcasting since Thursday May 11 the third season of HPI . To extend the good audience scores, the first channel decided to broadcast only one unpublished per evening. A decision that caused the anger of viewers. Morgane Alvaro played by Audrey Fleurot is in a bad patch. She no longer works with the police, and yet she can’t help but solve cases.

On France 2, Corinne Masiero continues his investigations wearing the chapka of Captain Marleau. The two heroines have in common their outspokenness. The scathing replies fuse. An outlet for the two actresses, Corinne Masiero even cultivates improvisation on the film set. Can you recognize which of Captain Marleau or Morgane Alvaro in HPI said the best punchlines? Can you answer the ten questions of this quiz perfectly? Up to you !

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