Who is Esther Rollande, the actress who plays Sonia Rolland in An Unexpected Destiny?

Miss France 2000 recounts the adventure of her election in a unit for France Télévisions which reveals a formidable young actress. Meeting at the La Rochelle festival.

In An unexpected destiny, Sonia Rolland , Miss France 2000, recounts her journey to winning the title, she the young girl from Rwanda, who grew up in Poitou-Charentes and dreamed of being a basketball player. This TV film for France Télévisions, presented in competition at La Rochelle festivalthat the heroine of Criminal Tropics co-wrote and directed, reveals a young actress full of grace and talent, Esther Rollande.

An almost identical surname but no connection between them before Esther sent a video for the casting. “She amazed us from the start, confides Sonia Rolland. She was very specific in her requests when we met. She’s a hard worker but above all she’s intuitive.“.

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“Freedom, a gift and a challenge”

After obtaining a bac S, Esther Rollande, 23 years old, born in Rodez, appeared in a few clips, notably for Calogero, did a little modeling, before finding herself on the poster, last year, for Best, a film dealing with female ity in the Goutte d’or district. “I have always been attracted to art», explains actress. When she was younger, she did contemporary dance at the conservatory, she writes, she plays the violin. She also draws, a lot, and this is how she prepared to slip into the shoes of Sonia Rolland.

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Sonia told me : “I don’t want you to try to be like me at all. I want it to be a fictional character who lives my story. I want you to feel free to create it yourself. This freedom was a gift but also, with my little experience, a challenge. I worked a lot, I have what I call a research notebook, I drew my character, Rwanda, basketball. Nothing about the misses since Sonia discovered this universe. So I didn’t try to look like him but a mimicry must have taken place unconsciously sometimes.“.

A role in season 2 of Toulouse Lautrec

Enthusiastic, Esther says she learned a lot on the set. Particularly by observing more experienced actors, like Thierry Godardwho plays his father or Clementine Célarié, a collaborator of Madame de Fontenay. “It was impressive even though they were extremely generous. Even just seeing them behave on set, not apologizing for putting themselves in a work bubble“, she remembers. Sonia also taught me a lot of things because, before being a director, she is also an incredible actress.

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Esther even, she says, learned humanly from her character. “The vulnerability of this kid, because she is younger than me, really touched me. And I discovered my femininity at the same time as her, I knew her but differently“. She readily admits having had, until then, quite a chance. She has since landed a role in season 2 of the series Toulouse Lautrec, filming for TF1. She plays a young paraplegic.

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