who is Rosa Bursztein, the new humorist of Yann Barthès’ gang?

After the departure of Alison Wheeler, the talk show produced by Bangumi for TMC notably welcomes the 34-year-old Parisian actress.

“I will be there every Thursday to bring you good news. » During the recording of the pilot of ” Daily “ broadcast Monday evening on TMC, Rosa Bursztein quickly introduced herself to Yann Barthès. Like the Swiss humorist Yann Marguet and the journalists Angèle Imbert And Jean-Michel Aphatie, this 34-year-old actress is one of the new speakers for the new season of the talk show produced by Bangumi for TMC. In the direction of departures, Alison Wheeler steps down after five years on the show.

On November 15, Yann Barthès received her for the first time in “Daily” as a guest. “People say you’re the rising star of stand-up, I’m discovering you tonight”he had told her to introduce her. “You already have two singles under your belt, a few plays, a podcast, a book and a TV show. » This sparkling actress was discovered by John Malkovich to play the role of Cécile de Volanges in the play Dangerous relationships in 2012. His first solo shows came in 2018 with My first time then with Rosa from 2022 she continues to play.

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From the period of confinement were born a podcast and a book of the same name, The guys I want to ken where she talks about her vision of love and desire. Columnist in “We are live” in 2020 on France 2 alongside Laurent Ruquier and on the radio on France Inter, Rosa Bursztein has hosted “iq” for a year on Teva. “There is an invitation to the quest for pleasure, but also to acceptance”, she said about this show when she came to “Le Buzz TV” in October 2022. “It’s not a show where you say you have to make love from morning to night… The idea is rather to accept yourself in your difference and your particularities, and to feel normal . » In “Daily” late last year, she was barefoot, wearing simple silk pajamas. Like on stage. What about Thursday for his first column on the TMC show?

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