Who is Sarah Saldmann, the media lawyer who multiplies rants and outbursts?

Lawyer dress on the back, hair in the wind, looking busy, a mountain of files on the arms. This portrait is that of lawyer Sarah Saldmann, before the Nanterre court, in April 2022. The lawyer is about to file 80 individual complaints against the Ehpad Orpea group.

A few months earlier, journalist Victor Castanet published the book “The Gravediggers”bringing to light many cases of abuse in nursing homes in the Orpea group. In the process, Sarah Saldmann announced that she wanted to collect testimonies. The calls of the families of victims were linked, and his interventions on the television sets too.

This television presence could have ended with the exhaustion of the Orpea affair. It was not the case. Columnist since 2022 on the show “Les Grandes Gueules”, on RMCthe lawyer at the Paris Bar is also regularly invited to the set of ” Do not touch My TV “, on C8; defend Shauna Events, Magali Berdah’s influence agency in the case opposing her to Booba; and just released a book calledTo protect is to win – The indispensable manual of legal self-defense (and survival). This week, the lawyer even climbed the steps of the Cannes film festivalposing like a movie star.

When Le Parisien contacted Sarah Saldmann, the young woman became exasperated: “Oh no, not yet, not an article about me…” The regular on TV shows still has a recent portrait in the press that she considers “incriminating”. But the lawyer does not completely close the door and answers lip service to certain questions, leaving aside the context of her presence in Cannes or the progress of the ethical investigation of the Paris bar of which she is the subject for “breaches” of the duties of delicacy and moderation.

A media career that is “pure chance”?

Before Orpea, Sarah Saldmann had already made a few television appearances, notably as a legal columnist on BFM Business. But she ures him, his media career is a “pure chance”. “Since I was a lawyer in the Tesla case, Bruce Toussaint invited me to his set, that’s how it started, ”she recalls. “I immediately felt at ease, the exercise seemed easy to me. It must be said that I went to a good school, ”continues the lawyer, alluding to her father, Frederic Saldmann. Cardiologist and bestselling author of health books, he too is a regular in the media.

She, who grew up in this rather comfortable environment, does not fail to point the finger at those she describes as “lazy”. One of his most famous stunts dates back to September 2022. Launched on the subject of statistics relating to sick leave, on the set of the “Grandes Gueules”, she lets go: “But what are these people who don’t give a damn, these suckers, these isted people and these lazy people? » Asked a few months earlier about the shortage of serversthe 30-year-old denounced a “France of isted people who no longer want to anything”.

On ecology too, the words of Sarah Saldmann are shocking. Still on the set of “Grandes Gueules”, she will declare in June 2022: “Personally, I don’t give a damn about ecology, it doesn’t interest me. I see first my personal interest and eventually that of the planet. I take baths twice a day. »

After nursing homes, crèches

His last rant dates from Monday, on the set of the celebrity journalist Jordan Deluxe, on C8. Coming to promote her book, published on April 20, Sarah Saldmann does not appreciate the journalist’s questions about her income, and simply decides to leave the set. Again, the buzz operates and the sequence is looping on social networks.

Despite this audiovisual omnipresence, Sarah Saldmann continues to ert that an exclusively media career is not in her plans. “I’m still a lawyer, it’s my job. TV, I already do enough, and I don’t live from it at all, ”she promises. “The situation in nursing homes is still part of my battles, and the next one I intend to lead is that of nurseries “, she ends up confiding.

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