Why Caddy is stopping its production of plastic trolleys

Plastic trolleys are over! Caddie, owned by the Cochez group, announced on Friday its decision to stop the production of plastic supermarket trolleys for environmental reasons.

“As part of our commitment to corporate social responsibility and reducing plastic pollutionwe have taken the decision to end the Emotion range”, indicates a press release in reference to this range of plastic supermarket trolleys.

” THE environmental impacts of plastic being of increasing concern, we are now refocusing on metal trolleys, known for their recyclability and environmental sustainability,” it added. The company invites its customers and retailers to also opt for metal trolleys, described as “a solid, durable and recyclable alternative, reducing the demand for new raw materials and the amount of waste generated”.

10% of trolleys produced

Plastic trolleys account for approximately 10% of all trolleys produced at Caddy’s only production sitein Dettwiller (Bas-Rhin), according to a spokesperson for the brand.

Name registered in 1959 and inspired by golf, Caddy, whose industrial and Alsatian origins date back to 1928 with wire products, had its heyday with the rise of the consumer society, inseparable from the metal trolley for large surfaces, before encountering difficulties.

shopping cart was taken over in 2022 by the Cochez group, specialized in transport and industrial services and based in Valenciennes, in the North. Caddy has a total of 117 employees.

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