why does the situation differ according to the districts?

why does the situation differ according to the districts?

Municipal services provide direct waste collection in half of the boroughs. Gautier Willaume / stock.adobe.com

The capital has been crumbling under waste for eight days, but not in all the districts.

The mobilization of garbage collectors against the pension reform continues. In the capital, more than 5,600 tonnes of waste strewn on the ground on Monday, according to the town hall. But, as Parisians have noticed, the situation differs greatly depending on the neighborhood: in some districts, household waste continues to be collected, despite the renewable mobilization started on March 7. How to explain this variation in the situation according to the districts?

In Paris, as in other conurbations, the management of household waste collection is the responsibility of the municipality, which can choose to exercise this power itself directly or to grant it to a private operator through a contract or a public service delegation.

The City of Paris has opted for a hybrid organization: the municipal services directly manage collection in half of the arrondis*****ts (2nd, 5th, 6th, 8th, 9th, 12th, 14th, 16th, 17th, and 20th), while whereas the ten other arrondis*****ts are managed by private companies (Derichebourg, Veolia Otalia, Pizzorno, Urbaser).

To return to the mobilization in progress, a majority of municipal garbage collectors are on strike (60% last Monday, according to the CGT), causing heavy disruption in the collection of the districts managed directly. Within private companies, on the other hand, the rate of strikers is much lower and waste collection is not affected for the time being. Hence a contrasting situation across the capital.

Use of private service providers

The only exception to the table: the 15th arrondis*****t, managed by the Pizzorno company. Employees of the company, who also collect waste from several towns in the Val de Marne (Rungis, Arcueil, etc.), blocked the dump truck garage yesterday. It should also be noted that waste treatment is still impacted by the blocking of the three incineration sites of the Syctom metropolitan agency.

Several voices have been raised in recent days to ask the town hall for a minimum service as well as the use of private service providers, in the name of public health. Certain personalities, such as the chosen one Pierre-Yves Bournazel (Horizon) also pleads for the collection of Parisian waste either “entirely delegated to the private sector“.

The City of Paris has more than 6,000 agents assigned to garbage collection and cleaning. Waste management by the municipality had been deemed “insufficientby the Regional Court of Auditors in a report dated February 2022. Residents and elected representatives of the opposition have also been denouncing the lack of cleanliness of the City of Light on Twitter for several years with the hashtag #saccageParis.

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