why France has every chance of winning the crown with Diane Leyre

DECRYPTION – Very prepared and ultra motivated, Miss France 2022 could well win the title in El Salvador, seven years after the coronation of Iris Mittenaere.

From our special correspondent in El Salvador,

Will the number 7 bring him luck? If Diane Leyre won this Saturday, November 18 the crown of Miss Universe in El Salvador, she would do it seven years later Iris Mittenaere and 70 years after Christiane Martel, the two French winners of the competition.

Winks of destiny

A wink to which miss France 2022 wants to believe as this number sticks to it: “I was born in July 1997, I live in 7e district, I live at 7e floorshe explains. And then we are in 2023 and when you add it up, that makes 7. I believe in it wholeheartedly. I tell myself that if I am called 7e in the Top 20, it’s me!” Superstitious, she always has with her her favorite Miss France lipstick dating from the year of Sylvie Tellier’s reign and belonging to her mother. He has not left her side since her national adventure and he obviously accompanied her to El Salvador. “I put it on every morning otherwise I won’t win”she confides.

But this is not the only wink of destiny for the French candidate. Diane Leyre chose to pay homage to Édith Piaf with her national costume created on the theme of La vie en rose. However, during an interview with a Salvadoran journalist, the latter spontaneously told him that the only French music that people listened to here was this song by Edith Piaf! “I told myself it’s destiny!”she continues.

During her first rehearsal on stage at the Gimnasio Nacional Jose Adolfo Pineda in San Salvador, Diane Leyre experienced a strange feeling. “I was overcome by a shiver, exactly like Miss France when I went on stage the first time.” Another sign: the surprise presence ofIris Mittenaere in the jury. If Miss Universe 2016 will remain impartial in her choices, her coming to El Salvador, just like that of Maëva CouckeMiss France 2018, brings a rather auspicious French breath to San Salvador.

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Punctual, chic and smiling

If she therefore believes in destiny and signs, Diane Leyre obviously did not rely solely on the hope of a merciful destiny to try to win the competition. For several months, the 26-year-old young woman trained at a military pace to be as ready as possible before flying to El Salvador, practicing ten hours of sport per week, increasing the number of makeup, hairdressing and catwalk (understand parade). In El Salvador, it was perfect. Punctual, dapper at all hours of the day and night, friendly and engaging with the organization, she charmed everyone. She even learned to say hello in all languages ​​to please fans from all over the world to cheer on the participants.

During the two weeks of preparation held in El Salvador, the French representative also managed to make an impression with her looks. She chose to break the codes and put the dresses full of sequins favored by her competitors in the closet to choose outfits that resemble her, well cut, colorful and cly like a jacket and shorts inspired by Gabrielle Chanel’s outfits. A taste for French fashion which did not escape Anne Jakrajutatip, the new owner of the competition: “She is beautiful and very cly, ​​she has a lot of personality. I like his charisma”she told us.

Diane Leyre Le Figaro

She cultivates her “French touch” which is very popular. And France, but especially Paris where she comes from, will be in the spotlight of the whole world next year by hosting the Olympic Games. Having a Miss France elected to Miss Universe in the year of the Paris Olympics may please the organization because it would allow the competition to shine internationally and particularly in Europe where it is, for the moment, less known and less popular. The members of the jury questioned Diane about what it meant to her that the Olympics would take place in Paris in 2024 during her pre-selection interview…

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A very South American physique

Physically, Diane Leyre totally corresponds to the codes of Miss Universe. Tall (1.77 m), brunette with a cascade of voluminous curly hair, dark eyes and dark skin, the French candidate looks like a South American. However, South America is the continent to have won the most victories (14) tied with North America, which includes Mexico. This year again, several competitors from these countries are among the favorites and Diane Leyre can play on the same field as them.

Helped by Arnaud Sol Dourdin, its artistic director who trains Miss France each year before the international competitions, she learned to master the beauty codes inherent to the competition. At Miss Universe, you always need more hair, more eyelashes, more preparation. Every morning, she got up at dawn to apply perfect makeup with false eyelashes, manage her hair and put on the perfect outfit. Moreover, fan sites were not mistaken, ranking her very regularly in the top 3 of their favorites.

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Oral and mental ease of steel

But Diane Leyre’s main et undoubtedly remains her oral ease. Trained in a major international business school in Madrid, she is used to speaking in public and participates in Miss Universe because, according to her, this competition allows one to “send messages”.
The international competition is very attentive to the cause that the participants want to defend. Miss France 2022 has chosen to “live together” and wants to commit to all forms of discrimination. “I’m going to talk about racism, phobia, acceptance, orientation, gender acceptance, religious acceptance… I want to be the voice of minorities has been extinguished”, she told us. Diane Leyre will be able to deliver this speech in French, English and Spanish as she is fluent in these three languages. A serious advantage when aiming for the Miss Universe crown and knowing that the winner of the competition travels throughout the year.

“Falling is not serious, but getting up is essential”

Diane Leyre

Diane Leyre can also count on her mental strength to overcome all obstacles. During the Preliminary Show, an eye allergy, contracted just before going on stage, disturbed her and did not allow him to give his maximum. Despite this, the next day, she returned to the stage for the national costume show with incredible energy and gave everything in her Moulin Rouge outfit decorated with pink feathers. His mantra: “Falling is no big deal, but getting up is essential.”

Diane Leyre in her regional costume dedicated to La vie en rose by Édith Piaf BENJAMIN ASKINAS

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The whole world behind her

This Saturday, November 18, she will be able to count on the support of her team, Maëva Coucke, Miss France 2018, and Arnaud Sol Dourdin, her artistic director, in the lead to encourage her in the room but also on the foreign fans who came to San Salvador attend the election. Many of them are watching Diane Leyre in the lobby of the Intercontinental hotel where the candidates are staying. Like Luis, who comes from Mexico and frantically waves a French flag as soon as he sees the French candidate p. “She has an incredible personality, she is natural and very elegant. Last year, I was already hoping that she would participate in Miss Universe, I was disappointed that she didn’t so this year, I’m happy! “.A Brazilian, also encountered in the hotel lobby, is also enthusiastic. “She is so beautiful, friendly and always well dressed. For me it’s the winner!»

Miss Universe represents a huge challenge for Diane Leyre who did not hesitate to put her life on hold for many months to prepare as well as possible. She will not want to miss her chance this Saturday evening during the election broadcast live on Paris Première during the night from Saturday to Sunday from two in the morning. Reboosted after her lackluster Preliminary show, she will go on stage more motivated and conquering than ever. ” I believe it ! “, she told us yesterday morning just before rehearsals. U.S. too.

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