Why is Miss Universe 2023 no longer welcome at home in Nicaragua?

An embarring victory for the government. Sunday November 19, Sheynnis Palacios was elected Miss Universe 2023 in El Salvador on the occasion of the 72nd edition of the competition.

The triumph of the 23-year-old young woman was duly celebrated by the Nicaraguan people who celebrated this consecration by taking to the streets to wave flags and sing the national anthem, like a victory in World Cup final, according to The world.

Celebrations not to the liking of the government of dictator Daniel Ortega, which has banned demonstrations since 2018 following rebellion movements against its regime. These demonstrations then caused a bloody repression by the authorities and left more than 350 dead.

Since that year, the blue and white striped flag has been regularly brandished in demonstrations as a symbol of the opposition, a gesture that leads straight to prison.

The national manager of Miss Universe rejected from the country

Celebrating the victory of Sheynnis Palacios then became a political act, especially since many demonstrators brought out photos of the new Miss Universe holding the blue and white flag in her hand, during demonstrations against Ortega’s repressive regime in 2018. An act judged as “terrorist” by Vice-President Rosario Murillo, who is none other than the president’s wife.

A few days before her victory in the international beauty contest, the one who was then “only” Miss Nicaragua had even been mocked by the government channel Canal 13, convinced that she would not win. Before that, the government had even banned him from returning to the country after the competition.

Torn between considering her as an enemy or as a woman who can shine his country internationallyDaniel Ortega first congratulated her, before turning away the Nicaraguan manager of the Miss Universe competition, Karen Celebertti, at the airport, sending her back to Mexico and searching her home, according to opposition media.

A repressive attitude which could well be applied if the young woman from a working cl background wishes to return to her native lands. She could even lose her nationality, like many opponents of the regime in recent months.

For the moment, it is impossible to know what fate will be reserved for Sheynnis Palacios, whose new contract provides that she must reside in New York during her one-year reign.

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