Why Maëva Coucke, Miss France 2018, fell on the Miss Universe stage

A swimsuit parade, a large blue sarong fluttering around her and then… the slip and the fall, spectacular, on the stage of the “preliminary show” of Miss Universe, in 2019 in Atlanta. “A Miss’s worst nightmare,” Maëva Coucke, Miss France 2018, responded.

Four years later, Maëva Coucke explains that she finally understood why she had fallen. Why now ? Because the young woman, who has just attended Miss Universe 2024 in El Salvador, was aware of a video from the time. “There was a Frenchman who came to see me and said to me: I know why you fell.” That day of the parade, “he was at the bottom of the stage, he has a video” of this moment, continues the ex Miss. “I was a little shocked because I always thought I had fallen because of the scene, but not at all! » she explains.

By launching the video in question, she advises observing “her feet”.

Indeed: in this extract, taken a little close to the ground, we see Maëva Coucke placing her foot on an unidentified object. Which immediately makes her skid and flutter on this mirrored floor. “There is a piece of jewelry, a chain, I don’t know what it is,” asks the former Miss France. “But it’s because of that that I fell”, “not because of my heels, of something greasy on the stage…” Four years later, “the mystery is solved”, says today the Miss in a big smile.

Miss Nord-Pas-de-Calais, Maëva Coucke was elected Miss France 2018 at the age of 23 with 29% of the votes, succeeding Alicia Aylies.

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Then a law student and holder of a BTS in international commerce, she wanted to become a corporate lawyer.

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