why Vincent Dedienne finally gave up hosting “Weak Link”

Vincent Dedienne in “Quotidien” on November 13, 2023 TMC screen capture

The 36-year-old actor was expected to take over the reins of the game formerly hosted by Laurence Boccolini on TF1. But things didn’t go as planned. Explanations.

” But it’s wrong ! It’s wrong ! » Last October 18 on France Inter, Vincent Dedienne vigorously denied the information according to which he was going to host ” The weakest link “ for M6. “That said, seeing it everywhere, I say to myself that it’s funny, that it would be a good idea”he qualified by admitting to being a fan of the version of the game animated by Laurence Boccolini in the early 2000s on TF1.

The latter had also commented on this information from our colleagues from Var Morning via his social networks, claiming to know nothing. “I don’t know what M6 is planning, I’m not aware of this Weak link with Vincent Dedienne »she wrote in response to the numerous messages she said she had received.

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Vincent Dedienne wanted to host two issues of “Maillon Weak”

During the promotion of the film I am not a heroVincent Dedienne responded to Telerama about the ” Weak link “. “I won’t present it, it’s falsedid he declare. As I love this program and it is its 25th anniversary, I said to myself that I could do two exceptional shows of “Weakest Link” to have a laugh and bring together my pions for entertainment and acting.”

The 36-year-old actor ended up recognizing that discussions did, in fact, exist. “A journalist leaked this into Var Morningeveryone seized on it by saying that I was going to start a new career as a game hosthe revealed. That wasn’t the point at all, I just wanted to do two and, suddenly, I didn’t want to do it anymore. It’s dead in the bud. »

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