Why was his face sullen? Akşener answered that question

Why was his face sullen?  Akşener answered that question

There was a lot of talk about IYI Party leader Meral Akşener’s sullen face at the moment of the announcement of the presidential candidate after the Six Table meeting yesterday. Akşener clarified this detail in the program she attended.

Why was his face sullen?  Akşener answered that question

IYI Party Chairman Meral Akşener answered questions in Fatih Altaylı’s One on One program on Habertürk Television.

When Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu’s presidential candidacy was announced, Meral Akşener gave the following answer to the question of why her face was sullen:


I can honestly say, when you look at Temel Bey’s speech while wearing that coat and Kemal Bey’s speech during it, a strange light came on. So then I took off my coat, we’re all lined up, there’s no problem with the light. I actually don’t have any unhappy etc. situation. I signed it. Will that happen?


In this world, no one can force me to do anything, including my wife, except my son. I didn’t sleep at all the night before. Because of the negotiation, people came to my house. Our two mayors, Mansur Bey and Ekrem Bey, came and went. They arrived at our house at around 02.15.
Ekrem Bey came from Istanbul. I had zero sleep.


In insomnia, your movements are a little heavy. There was a negotiation at that table, consensus and agreement was achieved. We signed 6 general presidents under the two texts. There is no unhappiness about it.

Why would you sign a decision that you don’t think is right? Really, friends, look, this is the light that comes to my face when I’m wearing a coat. There was also an earthquake, we are afraid to laugh.”


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