Wilhem Belocian skips the indoor season

He is happy to live a new adventure, but he must remain rational, pragmatic, explains Tamgho. He has to get used to his new life. It’s a new communication, he no longer has Ketty on a daily basis. He no longer has his daughter with him, he must also be homesick, so he has to digest these three elements, then embrace a new style of training, a new communication. »

Adapt to be ready for hexagonal competition

In view of the experience and experience of the athlete, also a double European bronze medalist, this adaptation could not be sloppy, which led the duo to give up the winter season. ” Starting training in October and going to competition in January is a bit early », continues Tamgho. Especially given the density of the high French hurdles, where the minima (7″64) should not be sufficient to guarantee one of the three tickets available for the Istanbul Euro (March 2-5). Belocian, titled in Torun (Poland) two years ago, will therefore leave his chair vacant.

The good news is that his hamstring injury is a thing of the past. The five-time French champion was able to complete the commando course in Montpellier with the rest of the group last fall. He will continue his preparation focused on the Budapest Worlds (August 19-27) to try to regain his rank in the tricolor hierarchy.

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