“Will the LRs be there for France’s debt reduction?”

“With Thomas Cazenave, we are open to all proposals for savings. Our red line is known: no increase in taxes on households or businesses.underlines the Minister of the Economy, Bruno Le Maire. François BOUCHON/Le Figaro

EXCLUSIVE MAINTENANCE – The Minister of the Economy confirms the reduction in household taxation promised by the President of the Republic for at least 2 billion euros, “if possible” from the 2025 budget.

LE FIGARO. – The 2024 budget again presented itself under the threat of recourse to Article 49.3 in order to be adopted. Have you mourned an agreement with the right?

Bruno LE MAIRE.- No way! But before the 2024 budget, our first meeting is in less than a fortnight: the examination of the public finance programming law (LPFP), which will present the country’s accelerated deleveraging trajectory. On this subject, I would like us to reach agreements with all the political forces who believe in the need to reduce France’s debt, in particular LR. Deleveraging is neither right nor left, it is in the nation’s best interest. The credibility of our public finances is at stake for our compatriots, for our European partners and for the financial markets which are also our creditors. So I want to work on an agreement with LR.

Will you present this LPFP in an extraordinary session to be able to resort to 49.3?

We present it…

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