will the reform bring down wages by 3% within 10 years, as François Ruffin says?

will the reform bring down wages by 3% within 10 years, as François Ruffin says?

François Ruffin brandishing the OFCE document in question at the National Assembly, February 17, 2023. AFP / LUDOVIC MARIN

THERE VERIFICATION The LFI deputy has been brandishing, for several weeks, an OFCE document stipulating that the shift in the legal age of departure would lead to downward pressure on wages. Is right ?

Will the pension reform lead to lower wages? In the media and political din of discussions around the government’s project, MP LFI François Ruffin has been hammering this argument for several weeks. Known for a long time for his fight in favor of the working world against that of the bosses, the elected representative of the Somme put forward this idea during the games in the National Assembly, as well as during an interview on Europe 1, Monday March 6. , supporting documents.

I am talking about salaries because the effect of this reform is an OFCE report (French Observatory of Economic Conditions) which (the) says: “In the short term, the labor force shock leads to a gradual rise in unemployment which weighs on wage formation»said François Ruffin, quoting a sentence from the report.

From this observation, the Insoumis draws two conclusions. First of all, “this reform will bring 190,000 to 250,000 more precarious people, that is to say people who will not reach 64 years of age while working, but who will be between unemployment, RSA, incapacity and incapacity .“Then the text will engender “precariousness“: “There’s going to be more competition in the workforce, and so it’s going to drive down wages. And it’s encrypted! What are the consequences? -3% over 10 years on wages, because we put employees in competition with each other. And as a result, wages are plunging.According to the rebellious parliamentarian, “It’s not collateral damage, it’s a benefit that is drawn. This reform is made for markets and finance. For them, it’s obviously a gain. But is the reasoning of the Insoumis correct?

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