Wine tourism market invests in accessibility

A partnership agreement between the Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of Rio Grande do Sul (IFRS) and Salton begins to present the first results for the community within an unprecedented subject: accessibility in wine tourism. According to information from the winery’s press office, since September 2022, researchers and other IFRS professionals have been working on a project that aims to not only meet the needs of people with disabilities, but also allow all visitors to enjoy complete experiences. The research will result in the Wine Tourism Accessibility Guide and the Wine Tourism Glossary in Libras — the latter will bring terms from wine tourism that until then did not exist in sign language, such as ‘cave’, ‘vineyards’ and even ‘sparkling wine’. The material will be available to other companies and can be replicated in other wineries and enterprises.

In IFRS, the initiative is led by the Accessibility Technological Center (CTA), which offers solutions to help people with disabilities have more autonomy in their school life or in their daily activities. In addition to the demands of students and the Institute’s own community, the CTA also meets, through projects, agreements and partnerships, needs related to digital accessibility and istive technology of the external community and other institutions.

According to the winery, the objective is to advance through good practices, research, science, experiences and accessibility on the topic of human rights. This will help society understand and work towards the inclusion of people with disabilities in wine tourism.

The Wine Tourism Accessibility Guide and the Wine Tourism Glossary in Libras should be launched in December. To get an idea of ​​the protagonism in the creation of these items, until now, there are no term signs in Libras that communicate basic words of wine tourism.

To confirm the results and make the changes increasingly effective, people with disabilities participate in tasting and visiting moments at Salton. Elderly people, with reduced mobility or with some temporary limitation, should also benefit from the project.

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