Wink or mistake? A detail of the last episode of More beautiful life divides

Wink or mistake? The last episode of More beautiful life Split Olivier MARTINO – FTV – TELFRANCE

The last episode of the series was a highly anticipated event. And details have not escaped the fans.

The end. The last episode of the historic series was broadcast on Friday November 18 from 8:40 p.m. on France 3. More beautiful life seems not having said his last wordyet it was the last that aficionados were able to enjoy episodes on their TV.

And for this special evening, the program was complete: seven weddings and a funeral. It was also an opportunity for the production to pay tribute to an emblematic character of the series. Indeed, in the background of a conversation between several actors, viewers discovered a new plaque on the former Place du Mistral, which was renamed for the occasion.

“Roland Marci Square 2004-2022”

To bow out, the central square of the series has been named Place Roland Marci, a nod to actor Michel Cordes. The actor played the boss of the bar Le Mistral in the Marseille district. The production had decided to kill him before the end of the series. On the commemorative plaque, his name is indicated with two dates: “2004-2022”.

Yet intended to pay tribute to the actor, they have nothing to do with the years of birth and Death of Roland Marci. The cafe owner would have been born on February 13, 1942 in Marseille and died on October 3, 2022. These two years correspond to the start date of the series, which began on Monday August 30, 2004, and that of the end, Friday 18 November, and therefore to the life of the series.

So, is it an error by the scriptwriters and props designers or a thought from the team for the end of the France 3 series? “I found this death logical. Hubert Besson, our first producer, used to say that my character was totemic. When you remove the tribe, you destroy the totem», had declared Michel Cordes to our colleagues from Télé Loisirs. It would seem then that the devil is hiding in the details.

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