with 89 deputies, the National Rally achieves a historic breakthrough

The results of the official second round in the eleven constituencies of French people living abroad

In the 1D constituency (North America)the influential outgoing deputy, Roland Lescure (LRM), was re-elected with 55.63% votes, against 44.37% for his opponent of the New Popular Ecological and Social Union (Nupes), Florence Roger.

In the 2e riding (Latin America and the Caribbean)the candidate of the presidential party, Eleonore Caroit, gets 57.42% votes while the" rebellious” (Nupes) Christian Rodriguez reunited 42% voices. In the first round, M.me Caroit came first (34.57%) and Mr. Rodriguez obtained 28.20% of the vote.

In the 3e constituency (Northern Europe)the outgoing deputy, Alexander Holroyd (LRM), retains his seat in the National Assembly thanks to his 55.87% in the second round. Charlotte Minvielle (Nupes), his adversary, harvests only 44.13 % voices. In the first round, he had won 38.51% of the vote, ahead of the 31.46% of the ecologist.

In the 4e constituency (Benelux), Pieyre-Alexandre Angladecandidate for his re-election invested by LRM, obtained 55.15% voices. He beats the socialist Cecilia Gondard (Nupes), who harvested 44.85% votes.

In the 5e constituency (Spain, Portugal, Monaco and Andorra)where Manuel Valls (Together!) was a candidate, the outgoing deputy, Stephane Vojetta, is essential and should sit with the presidential majority. He collected 57.27% of the votes cast against the Nupes ecologist Renaud Le Berrewho came first last Sunday with 27.89% of the vote and won 42.73% of the vote this Sunday.

In the 6e riding (Switzerland and Liechtenstein)the economist and close friend of Emmanuel Macron Marc Ferracci is elected deputy thanks to his victory (64.97%) in front of the candidate of Nupes, the "rebellious" Magali Mangin (35.03%). In the first round, he had obtained 36.49% of the votes, against 20.28% for Mme Mangin.

In the 7e constituency (Central Europe)the outgoing deputy, Frederic Petit (MoDem), keeps his seat thanks to the 60.21% obtained against its competitor, Asma Rharmaoui-Claquin (Nupes), who only convinced 39.79% voters. Last Sunday, he won the first round, with 34.58% of the vote, ahead of the candidate of Nupes and her 26.06% of the vote.

In the 8e riding, which includes in particular Italy, Greece, Turkey and Israelthe outgoing deputy, Meyer Habib (UDI), won against Deborah Abisror-de Lieme (LRM) who obtained 49.42% votes cast against 50.58% for Mr. Habib.

In the 9e constituency (Maghreb and West Africa)the candidate of Generation s, invested by Nupes, Karim Ben Cheikhwon her seat as deputy against the former Minister for Gender Equality, Elizabeth Moreno (Together !). He got 54.07% votes against 45.93% for his opponent. This was also the order of arrival in the first round, which Mr. Ben Cheikh had largely won (39.99%) ahead of Mr.me Moreno (28.06%).

In the 10e constituency (Middle East and Africa)the outgoing, Amelia Lakrafi (Together!), retains her mandate as a deputy thanks to the 63.58% voters who voted for her against 36.42% for Chantal Moussa (nupes). In the first round, the outgoing MP had taken the lead with more than ten points ahead of Mme Musa.

The 11e constituency (Eastern Europe, Asia and Oceania, i.e. 49 countries) sees the outgoing deputy, Anne Genetet (Together!) re-elected with 61.73% voices. His opponent, Dominique Vidalthe Nupes candidate, obtains 38.27%. The order of the first round was not upset since the majority member won with 38.14% of the vote, ahead of her opponent 24.79%.

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