with a debt of 30 million pounds, the London Irish also on the verge of bankruptcy?

Players, staff and employees of the London club would not have received their salaries for the month of April. The situation was supposed to be resolved on Monday but this is not the case.

English rugby continues to sink into crisis. After Worcester Wasps and Warriors Falls, another club could go bankrupt. The London Irish (5th) are having a surprising season in the Premiership and are qualified for the next edition of the Champions Cup. But would also be in debt (nearly 30 million or 34 million euros).

All of the club’s stakeholders, including the players and the staff, would not have received a salary during the month of April. Meeting urgently last Friday, the American owners of the London Irish had announced “a delay in payment” and a situation resolved on Monday. However, according to the British press, nothing happened. Which makes you fear the worst…

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