With a goal in stoppage time, Grêmio beats Inter and wins Grenal 438

With a goal in stoppage time, Grêmio beats Inter and wins Grenal 438

After almost a year without classics, Grêmio and Inter met again this Sunday (5), at the Arena. In front of 50,000 people, Grenal 438 was decided with two goals in stoppage time. For the Gremistas who went to see Luis Suárez, they left happy with goals from Vina and Carballo, which guaranteed the tricolor victory by 2 to 1, for the 10th round of the Campeonato Gaúcho. The game was worth nothing in terms of the table, but it was a good test for both teams at the start of the season.

The first 15 minutes were a lot of analysis for both teams, with passing passes and little offensive creation. With a well populated midfield, Grêmio even pressed more, but failed to create anything. Inter, on the other hand, found spaces behind the sides. In one of them, Pedro Henrique entered the area and complained about the penalty, but Leandro Vuaden ordered the game to continue.

At 14, the Paraguayan Villasanti felt a problem and had to be replaced by Carballo. More dangerous in the attack, Bitello missed two clear chances to open the scoring. In the first, at 20 minutes, after crossing Reinaldo in the area, Cristado finished on top of Keiller. On the rebound, Bitello kicked out.

Before another opportunity missed by the midfielder, at 26 minutes, Colorado almost scored: Bustos received it from Renê, cleared the scoring, but Fábio took it almost on top of the line. Five minutes later, Pepê advanced on the right and found Bitello free on the other side. Only again, he knocked out.

When everything was heading for a goalless first half, at 48 minutes, after a good move between Vina and Cristaldo, the Argentine played letter for Vina to kick low in the left corner of Keiller.

Needing to chase the score, Mano Menezes changed the team at halftime. He promoted two exchanges: he removed Baralhas and De Pena, replacing Matheus Dias and Mauricio. And the first chance of the final stage was for the visitors. At three minutes, Wanderson passed by Fábio and shot for Adriel’s good save. At eight, Alan Patrick advanced through the middle, chose not to touch and kicked for another save by the Gremista goalkeeper.

Grêmio woke up in the game after running into some danger, and arrived well with Vina and Carballo, but both submissions went out. Inter came back to scare the set piece. At 23 minutes, after a corner kick, Mercado headed in, but Adriel held on tight. Tricolor responded with Ferreirinha, five minutes later, but the number 10 gremista missed, in the bid that the assistant had already raised the flag.

And when Inter wasn’t doing well on the field, his number 10 made the difference, scoring a beautiful goal to leave everything the same in Grenal 438. In the 20th minute, after a kick to the attack, Luiz Adriano gave a cone and the ball went to Alan Patrick. He lined up and kicked to tie the match.

But once again, when everything seemed to be heading towards a draw, at 48 minutes, the colorada defense dozed off, João Pedro advanced on the right, the ball deflected off Lucas Ramos and it was left for Carballo to hit Keiller on the way out and define the classic.

Guild 2 Adriel; Fábio (João Pedro); Bruno Alves, Kannemann and Reinaldo; Villasanti (Carballo), Pepê (Thaciano), Cristaldo (Thiago Santos), Bitello and Vina (Ferreira); Luis Suarez. Technician: Renato Potaluppi.

Inter 1 Keiller; Bustos, Vitão (Rodrigo Moledo), Gabriel Mercado and Renê; Baralhas (Mauricio), Johnny (Lucas Ramos)), De Pena (Matheus Dias) and Alan Patrick; Wanderson and Pedro Henrique (Luiz Adriano). Technician: Mano Menezes.

Referee: Leandro Vuaden.

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