With arcade games, manga and anime, Menino Deus bookstore promotes Japanese culture in Porto Alegre

Focusing on manga and anime products – Japanese cartoons, Bizarre House, has been seeking, for approximately a year, to encourage the consumption of Japanese cultural products in Porto Alegre. Located in the Menino Deus neighborhood, The bookstore offers countless options of manga, books, t-shirts, caps and decorative objects, such as paintings and mugs, all designed to please the otaku public – fans of Japanese culture.

The operation was founded in November 2022 by young brothers Érico and Felipe Bizarro, enthusiasts of Japanese literature and comics, who decided to combine their pions into a single venture. Residents of Menino Deus since they were born, the duo, who always dreamed of starting a business, knew they wanted to open a business in the region. So, they looked for information about the neighborhood.

“We asked a group of neighborhood residents what type of development was missing here and many people responded that there was a lack of a bookstore. Then we thought about opening one, but as we are more interested in a specific area, we decided to open a nerd bookstore”, says Érico.


Among the products offered, the public tends to prefer manga. Favorites are clic titles like Naruto and One Piece, but newer comics like Spy Family also tend to be on the bestseller list.. “We even have philosophy books, fiction books like The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter, but our focus is on manga”, guarantees Érico.

One of the main challenges for manga lovers in Brazil is having access to all editions. Because the series are very long, the brothers explain, publishers tend to stop printing older copies. But that doesn’t stop the duo from doing everything in their power to please their customers. “We receive many requests for different manga. The person comes and asks ‘is there such a thing?’ and when we don’t have it, we go after it. Sometimes it’s not possible to achieve it, but we always try”, he explains.

Despite this, Érico and Felipe praise Bizzare House’s partnership with distributors. “They have helped us a lot. We thought that, because we were a small store, they wouldn’t serve us well. But that’s not what happens, everyone treats us very well”, says Felipe.


Like every small bookstore, Bizarre House’s difference is the special and individualized treatment of the public. The brothers do everything they can to transform the business into a welcoming and attractive place for their clientele.. Therefore, they are always willing to give tips and talk about their products, because, after all, it is an environment where entrepreneurs and customers share the same pion.

General information about Bizarre House

Bizarre Hose is located at Rua Botafogo, nº 322, in the Menino Deus neighborhood, and is open from Monday to Friday from 10am to 6pm, and on Saturdays from 2pm to 5pm. You can contact us via WhatsApp (51) 99327-7263 or Instagram (@bizarre_house_store).

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