With “Crash Cœur”, Eddy de Pretto opens the door wide to feelings

Eddy de Pretto, in 2023.


Wrapped in a large wool sweater, Eddy de Pretto receives guests at the offices of his new label, Grand Musique Management. It’s finally autumn, and he doesn’t particularly like this season, as he says in his third album, Heart crash, published this Friday, November 17. For him, the cold and the dead leaves rhyme with solitude, he says in Nobody for the winter. And certainly not with the musical color of his new record, which only speaks of love, of dripping hugs, of “smacks that pop”heart lollipops.

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The acclaimed singer-songwriter Priest (2018), with dark and tortured songs, then frontal To all the bastards (2021) takes an R’n’B turn, more open about his feelings, his need for affection. The thirty-year-old also borrows from hip-hop with his hyperized clips, his shiny bare torso and his lascivious gestures. Stunned by the cyberharment of which he was a victim after singing in a churchEddy de Pretto, who has never hidden his ity, wants to put an end to the hatred and the pressure he put on himself to make himself tougher than he was.

Smiling during the interview, the thirty-year-old admits unvarnished: “It’s true, I’m hiding less and less. I am in agreement with the person I am trying to be. » To embark on this new album, the singer says he was inspired by two records that made him want to let go: Burn the fire (2021), of his friend Juliette Armanet (she is also present here on one track, Water of life), And the thirteenth opus of rapper Disiz, simply titled Love, which recounts the end of his twenty-five years of marriage and his new single life. “It is not an easy task to write about love, recognizes de Pretto. Disiz did it brilliantly, and with such simplicity! It allowed me to say to myself: “Come on, take away this pressure of wanting to dissect the news. You’re not just here for that. Also allow yourself to write about what you feel.” »

Taking a little distance from the titles of his previous album, he admits that he would prefer that certain songs like The sling Or Snow in August, who tried to mobilize against global warming, no longer appear on streaming platforms – even though he does not regret having written them. He states lucidly: “I did not have the shoulders and perspective necessary to be able to dissect in the most legitimate and fair way what is happening in our increasingly fragmented and divided world. »

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