With more than 60 cuts, premium lamb meats are a producer’s bet at Expointer

Lamb meat is not always a guaranteed presence in the basic diet of Brazilians. The estimate is that annual consumption in the country does not exceed 1 kg per individual. But that must change. Who points is Felipe Vogt, name ahead of the brand Celebrate Gourmet, producer of premium cuts of lamb. The entrepreneur bets on quality to demystify the stigma carried by sheep meat.

One of the novelties presented during the 46th edition of Expointer acts in the same way: the Cordeiro Premium Gaúcho Recognition Seal. The initiative was born with the aim of valuing meat by encouraging good practices throughout the production chain. “It is a milestone that will change sheep farming in the state. It is the standardization between producers and industry”, says Felipe, who bets on early slaughter – with less than 12 months – as a differential. The partner aims, by the end of this year, to win the seal and add it to the items sold by Celebra Gourmet.

Between specific cuts and industrialized products, there are, in all, more than 60 options of premium lamb meats. From the most clic, such as the French shoulder and rack, to those that are still seeking consolidation in the market, such as the shank and sirloin steak, the items are sold throughout Brazil. In Porto Alegre, sales take place in large retail chains, such as Zaffari and Rissul, and in boutiques specialized in the premium niche.


But the creation takes place in distant points of the Capital. There are more than 200 producers linked to Celebra Gourmet mirrored by Rio Grande do Sul. The processing of more than 500 animals per week takes place in its own facility in Salvador do Sul, the hometown of Felipe and his brother, Christian Vogt. Despite having similar rural roots, the entrepreneurs followed different paths in agribusiness. While Felipe has been at the head of Celebra Gourmet since 2013, Christian owns Milonga, specializing in olive oils. Headquartered in Triunfo, the brand, which has been operating since 2019, has the RS Premium Origin and Quality Product Seal.

It is in the city in the southeast of the state that, by the way, the developments are complementary. With an investment of BRL 3 million, the Milonga mill has a space for visiting and tasting olive oil and meat. “The focus is on the idea that visitors can learn about the cultivation of olive trees, but also get to know the premium lamb cuts”, says Felipe, highlighting the similarities between the markets. “These are similar trends. It is a joint growth. People are looking for olive oil and quality meat, the two things come together”, he says.

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