With no strike resolution in sight, Honorary Oscars pushed back to 2024

Angela Bett is one of the talents who will receive an honorary Oscar in January. FREDERIC J. BROWN / AFP

The ceremony was to be held on November 18. It is one of the first social events of the awards season.

In Hollywood, nobody wants to party anymore. With a double strike by writers and actors bogged down due to studio intransigence, the award ceremonies are leaving the 2023 calendar one by one. After the Emmy Awards which reward the best of the small screenit is the turn of the Oscars of honor to take refuge in 2024.

In a sign that no one is hoping for a quick resolution anymore, the honorary Oscars night, generally seen as the social kick-off to awards season, has been postponed to January 9. The gala was originally scheduled to be held on November 18, 2023. The evening, named Governors Awards, is held annually in Los Angeles to reward outstanding careers. This year, the trophies will be awarded to actress Angela Bett, editor Carol Littleton, director Mel Brooks and former Sundance Institute official Michelle Satter.

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Do not p for scabs

The screenwriters, on strike since May, were joined in July by the actors, a double strike that Hollywood had not seen since 1960. The directives of the two unions prohibit actors and authors from shooting films or series, but also from going to the red carpets or participating in promotional events.

Normally the rules provide for exemptions in the event of an honorary award. But few in Hollywood want to ask for such an exemption that would make them look like a scab. The organizers of the Oscars are, too, no doubt eager to avoid such a reproach. Maintaining the feast could have been interpreted as a sign of provocation, or even support for the studios.

As at the Deauville or Telluride American Film Festival, the November ceremony would therefore probably have taken place without the named stars and without their relatives, collaborators, colleagues or sisters responsible for carrying them to the skies.

The traditional Oscars are scheduled for March 10. Connoisseurs believe that the strike will end long before, but the movement has already reshuffled the cards for this 2024 edition. Some presumptive favourites, such as Dunes 2, have seen their exit postponed and will not be eligible, leaving a boulevard to BarbieOppenheimerPauvres CréaturesKillers Of The Flower MoonNapoleon.

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