With Speedons, video games always pick up speed for Doctors of the World

With Speedons, video games always pick up speed for Doctors of the World

The 3e edition of the charity marathon centered on speedrunning, the art of finishing a game as quickly as possible, takes off. On the program: pixels, skill and a lot of strategy.

come to terms withElden Ring and its moody bosses in less than two hours, fold the dystopian adventure of Half Life 2 in less than one, or ship megaman 2, the retro classic from 1988, in almost 40 minutes. No, definitely Speedons aren’t chomping at the bit yet. The 3e edition of the charity event organized by streamer Xavier Dang, alias MisterMV, sets off this Thursday for a 75-hour marathon of video game speedruns for the benefit of Doctors of the World.

Presented live on Twitchfrom the Palais des Congrès in Paris, the meeting will bring together dozens of “speed runners” who will take turns until Sunday evening in order to finish the video game of their choice as quickly as possible. True performance requiring hours of training, peerless skill and steely attention, the art of finishing a game quickly – the speed run – can simply be to optimize a way of playing to the extreme. The exercise sometimes also consists of playing bugs from a given work to go faster, or even skip entire parts of the game.

Of the speedruns for all tastes

No less than 70 games have been selected for this 3e edition, which will open with a speedrun of Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time. The lineup, which mixes old and new titles, small indie productions and industry behemoths, will give participants the opportunity to show off their prowess on Tomb Raider II , Pokemon Hearthgold/Soulsilver, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, The Legend of Zelda : Majora’s Mask or Cuphead. THE complete schedule of the event can be found on the Speedons website.

Finally, several animators, videographers and streamers – including ZeratorAntoine Daniel, Damdam, Real Myop, Gomart or, of course, Mister MV – will comment on the various performances of the Speedons 2023. Usually, the speedrun is an opportunity to share anecdotes and trade secrets of the game presented , or to present and explain some strategies – sometimes surprising, often spectacular – used to overcome it.

The last edition of Speedons had collected more than 802,000 euros for the benefit of Doctors of the World and brought together nearly 1.2 million spectators on Twitch. Featuring some of the same personalities, and also featured live on Twitch, the 2022 edition of ZEvent raised more than ten million euros in September, for the benefit of five associations chosen by the public.

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