With their RIP proposal on immigration, the LR want to put pressure on the government

The Republicans are determined to put maximum pressure on the government. They hardly appreciated seeing the immigration text emptied of its substance nor to witness the poaching of Rachida Dati. As revealed Le Figarothey therefore proposed, this Monday, a shared initiative referendum (RIP), which partially takes up the measures censored by the Constitutional Council. With the aim of circumventing the legal blockage which, until now, prohibits a referendum on immigration.

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Daring challenge: RIP is a procedure that has never been successful so far. It must first be launched by 185 parliamentarians, then validated by the Constitutional Council and then obtain the support of 5 million people in 9 months, before the French can decide by referendum (if Parliament has not examined the subject within six months). With 133 senators and 62 deputies, almost all of whom voted for the text on immigration in December, LR has the means to cross the hurdle of signatures from elected officials.

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