Without elected officials but with 100,000 activists, Éric Zemmour relies on permanent mobilization

Eric Zemmour, March 26, 2022, in Paris. Paul DELORT / Le Figaro

Condemned to play the activism card to be heard until the next elections, the identity party Reconquête intends to invest the media and multiply actions on the ground.

The statement may seem daring. It is still dark and the temperature is close to negative, this Tuesday morning in front of the Gare du Nord in Paris, when Éric Zemmour gets out of his car and walks towards the cameras. Flanked by his vice-presidents Nicolas Bay and Guillaume Peltier, the former presidential candidate assures without flinching: “We are in-con-tes-ta-ble-ment the first party in France”. Because it’s official, Reconquest! now claims more than 100,000 up-to-date members for the year 2023, bailiff’s report in support. A victory, assure the executives of the movement, while a re-membership campaign had been launched at the beginning of winter. Objective: not to sink into oblivion despite the bitter failure of the legislative elections, and to try to exist against the National Rally and its 89 deputies. So, while Marine Le Pen flies to Senegal, Éric Zemmour, he launches his towing campaign on insecurity in transport, and disdainfully sweeps…

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