Women gathered for secularism and freedom

We Will Stop Femicide Platform (KCDP) organized a “Women’s Rally for Secularism and Freedom” in Kartal.



Women gathered for secularism and freedom

KCDP organized a “Women’s Rally for Secularism and Freedom” in Kartal, Istanbul. Before the rally, they marched to the rally area chanting the slogans “You will never walk alone”, “We will live freely, secularly” and “Apply the Constitution, law and contract”.

KCDP General Secretary Fidan Ataselim, Young Feminists Federation Representative Güneş Akşahin and We Will Stop Femicide Platform General Representative Gülsüm Kav spoke at the rally attended by various non-governmental organizations and women’s organizations.

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KCDP Secretary General Fidan Ataselim stated that the AKP government does not respect the mothers of the murdered women with its rhetoric. Ataselim continued his words as follows;

*The families of those women are here with us. Because we know that any of us could be thrown out of a window or balcony tomorrow or the day after. Any of us can be killed just because we are married, when we disobey our husbands, when we express our own opinions and are met with violence, when we say ‘stop’.

*That’s why, while women were going through this, we set out by saying ‘we will stop femicide’. While we are struggling to survive, trying to survive, they call us just like those men and murderers said, they say ‘What was he doing?’, ‘He must have done something’, they say he was out late, they say he texted with someone else, they say he was working, they say he didn’t listen to our words. I ask you: Will we all together stop those men, that one man, that political power, when they try to impose their ideas on us?


Stating that the government wants to change the laws that protect women from violence, Ataselim said, “They are making speeches about the law that protects women from violence. These are not good, nice speeches. These are not conversations for our own good. We know very well what these mean. A member of parliament says, ‘We will clear 6284’ while sitting in the parliament… Who are you to clear a law regarding women’s right to life? But let us promise, we will eliminate you from all squares and from history. Look, one night after the Istanbul Convention, the president said, ‘I have decided to withdraw the signature.’ This did not stop the unlawfulness, they broke it. “Today, we are against those who try to shelve the constitutional functioning and we will never give way,” he said.


KCDP Secretary General Fidan Ataselim said, “We are fighting not only for the women in these lands who suffer from inequality, but also for the women, LGBTI people, children and those who are subjected to inequality, workers and laborers around the world. Let us not think that the experiences of the Palestinian people are far away. “If they discriminate between women, if they take up arms and carry out attacks based on these discriminations, we will stand with the Palestinian people against those tortures and imperialist forces,” she added.

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Emphasizing that they will fight against the pressure that the AKP government is trying to create on women, Young Feminists Federation Representative Güneş Akşahin said, “Our organizing this rally and being here today has a historical importance. Women and LGBTI people who march against the darkness that the political power is trying to create, and those who never give up defending their rights, are here today. One day they say they will open separate schools for girls if necessary, the next day they say they will weed out 6284, and the next day they attack the Civil Code. While women are being killed every day in the country, they have formed an alliance to attack our rights instead of keeping women alive. “We will continue to fight against them,” he said.


Gülsüm Kav, General Representative of the We Will Stop Femicide Platform, stated that they wake up with new losses every day. Kav used the following statements:

*However, many other things are also happening, they are establishing the Young Feminist Federation. In this phase of silence, when the opposition is so silent, we come here and reveal our hearts.

*All these developments have once again revealed how accurate a fight we are waging. We have been fighting for our constitutional rights for years. We were so right, weren’t we?

*Those who say ‘Nothing will happen once’ are helping children, while those who say ‘Nothing will happen with one piece of candy’ have gone so far as to completely disrupt the constitutional functioning. We were right about taking this action.

*Our duty is to fight for a republic that supports gender equality and continue until the end. Turkish women are changing, we are seeking more of our rights. We have a very deep-rooted struggle behind us.

*We have a very important background in the history of women’s struggle in the world and in Türkiye. We have to continue like this, not only to save ourselves, not only for our own equality, but also by fighting for peace against all forms of oppression, all forms of inequality, even the climate crisis, the fate of the planet, and war.

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