women on the farm

women on the farm

Like bees pollinating plants, women in Passo do Sobrado are trained to look for new varieties of tobacco plants with greater qualitative, productive and disease-resistant potential. It takes place at the Global Research Center of Alliance One Brasil, one of the main tobacco exporters in the country.

Pele’s testament

Pelé indicated in his will that he wanted his widow Márcia Aoki to keep 30% of his assets, including a house in Guarujá (SP). The king of football also recorded in a document the possibility of having another daughter, who may become an heir if the DNA test is positive. It appeared in O Antagonista. It’s not little money.

with the whole ball

Hospital Moinhos de Vento is the third best hospital in Brazil, according to the World’s Best Hospitals 2023 ranking, published by Newsweek magazine. The survey was conducted with about 80,000 professionals from more than 300 hospitals in 28 countries,

pact for women

The Municipal Women’s Attorney’s Office held an event at the Colenda with the presence of 50 women representing the main public authorities. On the occasion, the Pact for Women was launched, a document with the Presidency of the Legislative

deputy multimedia

Vinicius Reis/TCE/disclosure/jc

The president of the State Court of Auditors (TCE-RS), Alexandre Postal (on the right in the photo below), received a visit from an old friend, Kennedy Nunes, a former state deputy from Santa Catarina. He is the legitimate multimedia politician: he has been a TV presenter, a councilor in Joinville and a singer/band leader, and he is also a journalist. Nobody is perfect.

auxiliary bishop

Pope Francis has appointed another auxiliary bishop for the Archdiocese of Porto Alegre. This is Father Juarez Albino Destro, 56 years old, born in Criciúma (SC). The priest currently works at the headquarters of CNBB, in Brasília.

The pellet plan

Governor Eduardo Leite (PSDB) revealed yesterday, at Tá na Mesa, Pelotas’ plan to “conquer” the spaces of power in Rio Grande. In addition to him, the president of TJ-RS, Iris Helena Medeiros Nogueira, and the new president of Federasul, Rodrigo Sousa Costa, are also from Pelotas. Now, Leite joked that he will propose to the mayor of Pelotas, Paula Mascarenhas (PSDB), that he grant the title of Pelotas citizen to the president of the Legislative Assembly, Vilmar Zanchin (MDB).


Leite presented a series of indicators in recent years, showing improvements in the State, such as the surplus in 2022, the best budget result since the Real Plan. And he cited data from the Yearbook of Investments in Rio Grande do Sul published by Jornal do Comércio, which show the sum of public and private contributions made or announced throughout the year. Last year, it was R$ 62.6 billion.

A big truth

The vice-president, Geraldo Alckmin (PSB), said in an interview with Pedro Bial of TV Globo that it is necessary to strengthen local governments, which are “closer to society” and “resolve better” problems. He spoke of the need to decentralize politics. “Every day the television turns on and it’s ‘Brasília, Brasília, Brasília'”. It’s an old claim on this page.

inversion of values

Senator Sergio Moro (União Brasil) will be part of the Public Safety and Transparency, Governance, Inspection and Control and Consumer Defense commissions. It is incredible that a judge who tried to moralize Brazil is now seen as a criminal he condemned.

Cold front

All you have to do is reach for a R$100 bill in supermarket checkouts and then a supervisor will come to check if it’s real. A sign that there are a lot of cold front ballots circulating in the square.

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