Woody Allen shot in Paris to “thank his French audience”

The New York director has just admitted that he enjoys working in France because French moviegoers have supported him since his debut

Woody Allen, who has just finished filming in Parishas just admitted that “making a film in France is a way of saying thank youto his French audience, in an interview with Sunday newspaper . French moviegoers “loved and showed their support for the young foreign director that I was from”Take the sorrel and get out! (1969)“, he recalled a bit nostalgic. “When I dared more experimental projects, they followed and encouraged me more than the American public.“, has even outbid the cinematographic cantor of New York.

Another sentence taken on the fly in this interview, “New York isn’t a very nice place anymore, I’m happy to get some fresh air somewhere else“, also suggests that the director finds in Paris a refuge far from an American cinema industry which turns its back on him. The man, now 86, has become a Hollywood pariah since his adopted daughter Dylan Farrow accused him of sexually molesting her as a child. Woody Allen denies these accusations for which neither of the two investigations launched resulted.

It is the first film shot in French (which he does not speak) for someone who has “always dreamed of being a European filmmaker», «most movies“which made him want to do”this profession (being) French“. Woody Allen knows “that the film will make less money in the United States, because the public there does not like subtitles“.

If he can’tnot make another feature film after this one“, although he has “already a scenario in mind», «it does not matter “. He would then turn to the theater orwrite books“. “I’ve always found people to finance my cinema, but it’s difficult today: viewers now consume films at home, in their beds… It’s not as exciting anymore“, he underlines.

The director praises his French actors in this interview: Lou de Laâge, – “this girl so beautiful and who also plays comedy well“-, Melvil Poupaud, – “class and elegance“-, Niels Schneider, – “ a very powerful actor“-, and Valérie Lemercier, – “ a truly marvelous actress, able to juggle humor and depth-.

Woody Allen says just about his filming in Paris, which ended last Tuesday according to the JDDthat he “This is a detective film, a serious story of crime and punishment. With a dose of romance, of course“. This feature film is for the moment just known by its working title / code “WASP 22 », The Woody Allen Secret Project, or in the language of Molière, the Secret Project of Woody Allen… Quite a program.

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