Work-study: which sectors will recruit the most in 2023

The traditional providers of contracts are the major groups (EDF, Société Générale, Engie, MAAF, Total Energies, SNCF, Carrefour, etc., to name but a few), and the civil service. But in small companies, apprenticeship has greatly progressed; today, 77% of contracts are signed in SMEs or VSEs.

On the sector side, the retail will continue to give pride of place to work-study students this year. The retail trade as a whole thus represents 12.4% of total offers, just behind the business services and in front of construction (Public Works Building), according to data collected by skills operators (Opco). L’hotel and cateringI’industry as a whole and all positions related to digital transformation are not left out. So one piece of advice: don’t limit yourself in your research!

Shortage of young people

” In L’agri-food, we receive more offers than we have candidates”, assures Sébastien Laurent-Charvet, director of education and training for the UniLaSalle group, which offers training in the earth, living and life sciences. ‘environment. The sectors of the health and some agricultural production are changing at high speed. They have great projects to entrust to work-study students and seek to seduce them,” he underlines.

L’real estate is also very demanding. “The tension is such in our trades, that we are very attentive to all applications”, announces Patrice Vallée, director of Crédit Agricole Immobilier. To achieve his hiring goals, he relies in part on trust and word of mouth: “We often go through our work-study trainees to recruit their comrades,” he confides.

Social and Solidarity Economy Department

Don’t forget either associations and companies of thesocial and solidarity economy (ESS). This “area works a lot thanks to work-study”, confirms Camille Galliot, student at Iscod (100% online business school), working at MyTroc, a platform on which users exchange and lend goods and services.

“The goal is to promote an alternative consumption model,” explains the young man. In this type of structure, an apprentice can be entrusted with large-scale projects. He is working, for example, on the implementation of a tailor-made tool for the SNCF, “so that its thousands of agents can exchange with each other”. It should be added that this same company recruits more than 7,000 apprentices each year.

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