World Cup: for Arsène Wenger, football or politics, you have to choose

When you play a World Cup, you know you must not lose the first match. There are teams who have experience, who have had results in previous tournaments, like France, England, Brazil, who have won their first match.said this Sunday in Doha Arsène Wenger, director of development at FIFA, during a press conference of the body’s technical studies group.

“And there are also the teams who were mentally ready, who were determined to focus on the competition and not on political demonstrations”, added the former Arsenal manager. The eliminations from the group stage of Germany and Denmark, leading teams in particular on the issue of wearing the inclusive “One Love” armband, illustrate his point.

“France has the appetite to win again”

Arsène Wenger also presented several tactical and statistical elements on the first round of the tournament, highlighting in particular the sharp increase in goals scored after crosses (+ 83%) compared to the 2018 World Cup. The teams defend more in the center and it’s more open on the wings. This gives an important role to the corridor players.he explained. I believe that the teams with the best wingers will have the best chance of winning the tournament”. He also felt that France had ” still hungry ” and ” the appetite to win again ». ” She will be dangerous until the end”he estimated.

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