“World Cup ? I do not project myself that far”, promises Giroud

Refusing to dwell on his personal case, the Blues striker returned to the defeat of the France team in Denmark (2-0) on Sunday.

Olivier Giroud (striker for the France team, after the 2-0 defeat in Copenhagen) : “We started the game well for 20-30 minutes. Afterwards, we didn’t know how to make it happen… even if we didn’t have a really good chance. We take two avoidable goals. Football is made of mistakes, but it’s infuriating because even at the end we have chances. Even being less well, we could have brought something back. Balance sheet? You don’t have to darken the picture. We remained on a good score on Thursday (v Austria, 2-0 win). We knew the Danes were going to be waiting for us, to run into us. In the duels, they responded more present than us. We lost a lot of duels. For example on the corners, three or four times, the guy is alone to make discounts or finish the action… We will need a little more vigilance at this level and realize in the future that even if we play a great match three days before, football is an eternal restart and it is necessary to be violent. Not everything is to be thrown away, but it sure is a shame to end up like this…

World Cup ? I don’t plan that far. I have important matches coming up with AC Milan, we are going to play every three days. In any case, I am happy with the first match with the Blues. This Sunday, it was more complicated to be with the guys… We know we still have work to do. Tonight, we’re inevitably disappointed: we didn’t know how to compete with the Danes, we were less good and we have to learn from that but also stay positive.»

(on the L’Équipe channel)

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