worried, Arcom (ex-CSA) asks Twitter for accounts

The authority asks Twitter to declare to it by November 24 what are “the human and technological means” devoted to the fight against disinformation.

The situation at Twitter arouses “a deep concernat Arcom (ex-CSA). The French regulator sent a letter on Friday, consulted by the Figaro, at the European headquarters of the social network. Since its acquisition at the end of October by Elon Musk, Twitter has seen its global workforce drop from 7,500 to just over 2,500 employees. The number of service providers has been reduced by 75% on the orders of the new shareholder. An unknown volume of these contractors worked on the day-to-day moderation of the platform.

Arcom would like to express its deep concern about the direct consequences of such decisions on Twitter’s ability to maintain a safe environment for users of its service.“, writes the regulator. “Twitter is one of the most used platforms in France. As such, it raises systemic issues regarding the sincerity of democratic debate and the protection of the public.»

Twitter is regulated by Arcom under the Anti-Manipulation of Online Information Act 2018. The social network has a duty of cooperation and transparency on the means engaged in its moderation. This is why the authority asks the social network to “to confirm“by Thursday, November 24 that he is”able to meet the obligations imposed by law“, and to tell him”human and technological resources devoted to compliance with these obligations“, especially for “effectively ensure the moderation of illegal content and practices” all in “guaranteeing freedom of expression.»

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Compliance with the Digital Services Act

More broadly, Arcom wants to know if Twitter is going to get involved.fully and entirely in the implementation of the Digital Services Act“. This European act, which entered into force last week, imposes on digital platforms obligations of means and transparency, in particular in the moderation of content in all the languages ​​of the European Union.

The most important online services have until this summer to comply with the Brussels rules. If they fail to comply, they risk a fine of up to 6% of their annual worldwide turnover.

European regulators have lost a number of their contacts at Twitter. The head of the social network’s representative office in Brussels left office ten days ago. Sunday, the managing director of Twitter France announced his departure. The Irish offices, which are the headquarters of Twitter’s operations in Europe but also moderation services for the continent, would have lost half of their employees.

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