X Games gold medalist Édouard Damestoy, BMX bronze Matthias Dandois

What an evening for the French at the X Games! Once again, the Bordelais adorned themselves with gold. Édouard Damestoy won his second victory at the X Games, a mythical extreme sports event. The double world champion won this Sunday in Chiba, Japan, in the green event (a “U” shaped module).

Last July, he won the First-ever gold medal for a French skateboarder at the X Games, in megapark. Damestoy, who is also in the race to qualify for the 2024 Paris Olympics, beat Americans Tom Schaar and Jimmy Wilkins in a competition that also featured skate legend Tony Hawk.

And Damestoy is not the only Habs to be on the podium at the X Games in Japan: nine-time world champion Matthias Dandois won his very first medal at this event: bronze, in BMX flat. Alex Jumelin, silver medalist last year, is fourth, a few days before the World Cup in Montpellier, during the Fise (International Festival of Extreme Sports).

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