Xavi (Barça): “When you win, Gavi is even less liked”

Xavi, Barca coachbefore the Spanish Cup quarter-final on Wednesday (9 p.m.) against Real Sociedad “It seems to me that when Gavi plays with the Spanish national team he is wonderful and when he plays at Barca he goes beyond the limits. That’s how I see it, yes. That’s how it looks to me from the outside, right?

With La Roja, he is an example of guts and courage and, when he is at Barca, he is not liked. It’s normal. It’s normal. And in addition, if we win, he is even less liked. It’s like that. To Gavi, I say to stay calm, to put the same passion, and even more, courage and sacrifice, and that he does not stop. That he doesn’t stop because he has no limit. Above all, don’t put any brakes on yourself. »

The quarter-finals of the Spanish Cup can be followed live on the site and the L’Équipe channel.

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