“You want there to be ratonnades? »: Sandrine Rousseau calls on Éric Zemmour after the death of Thomas

Politics quickly caught up with the Crépol drama. Sandrine Rousseau on Friday accused the far right and particularly Éric Zemmour of “blowing on the embers” by exploiting the death of young Thomas in Drôme. The environmentalist MP questioned him about his desire to cause “ratonnades”.

” What do you want ? Do you want there to be victims? (…) Do you want there to be ratonnades? Is that what you actually want? Is this what you are looking for? », questioned the Paris MP on Sud Radio. She thus highlighted the political position adopted by the extreme right for whom Thomas16 years old, stabbed to death Saturday in a village festival, was the victim of “everyday jihad” and “anti-white racism”. Nine individuals, including the one suspected of having given the fatal blows, were arrested. No identity was revealed, the prosecution simply noted that the latter lived in the center of Romans-sur-Isère and not in a city.

“It’s Zemmour today who blows on the embers”

Asked about the “racist” motivation of the far right, Sandrine Rousseau replied: “obviously yes, since they named the culprits (…) the neighborhood gangs (with) behind the idea that they were people, probably Arabs or I don’t know.” She accused the far right more broadly of “stoking the idea that we would be threatened by Islamization”. “This is false,” she added, “the source of hatred is to consider that on the basis of a fact, a person or a group of people, all the supposed community would be in support or accomplice of this person.”

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“Those I see today leading the civil war are those who are fueling this, it is Zemmour today who is blowing on the embers,” she lamented.

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