Young neo-Nazi sentenced to nine years in prison for threats of m killing

A former foster child, now 21 years old, long fascinated by the IIIe Reich, was sentenced on Friday November 17 to nine years in prison by the Paris Criminal Court for threatening to commit a racist m killing.

This sentence – more severe than the seven years required by the prosecution – is accompanied by a two-thirds security period, and nine years of socio-judicial monitoring at the end of the sentence, with an obligation of care. “We will appeal, obviously”one of the defendant’s lawyers, M.e Antoine Ory. The court cited in its decision the “radicality” and the “dangerousness” of the accused, and estimated “that a plan for violent action was likely to be carried out imminently” at the time of his arrest.

Abandoned by his parents and tossed between several foster families and child welfare homes, Angel B. was arrested and placed in pre-trial detention in June 2022 in Ardèche, after his messages were spotted on the social networks and encrypted messaging.

Under the pseudonym Heinrich Himmler88, he described the Jews as “impure race which must be exterminated”and attacked the “negroes” and to “bougnoules”. In conversations intercepted by investigators, he had also mentioned the preparation of a “ethnic cleansing” or a “attack in the street”.

The investigation also established that he had taken steps to purchase a weapon illegally. His lawyers argued that he had abandoned these steps himself, but the court did not follow them on this point. Prosecuted for “individual terrorist enterprise”the young man affirmed in court that he would not be “never took action”.

“I would like to go into politics”

“I had no serious plans, I am lucid and rational”, said the young man, in a clear and calm voice. According to investigators, the suspect had developed an interest in Nazism from the age of eight or ten, to “avenge” of his father who had abandoned him.

On the stand, he explained his violent comments on Telegram by “the group effect”. “I wanted to make myself interesting. It was beyond my thoughts, I didn’t really mean it.”he said.

“In the long term, I would like to go into politics”but “with more measured remarks, which remain within the framework of the law”added the young man, who said he had ” thoughtful “ in prison. Defining itself as a “sovereignist patriot”he says he voted last year for the National Rally (RN) candidate Marine Le Pen, but says he does not recognize himself in any party.

“He never renounced his convictions”however estimated the representative of the prosecution, who requested seven years in prison against him. “Convinced by the ideology of the ultra-right movement, he tried to obtain a weapon while expressing his desire to commit violent action”she insisted, pointing out that Angel B., in his prison cell, had gone so far as to carve an SS symbol on his chest with a metal object.

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For mee David Bocobza, one of his defenders, the young man is certainly “disturbing but perfectly harmless”. “Rejected by everyone”Angel B. wanted to be “visible” as a Nazi because “this is what scares society the most”but at no time did he want “to carry out” a criminal project, according to him.

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