Your children don't like school? Five books to encourage them to go... or not

> A soothing approach

Excerpt from “What is school?  by Lucas Tortolini and Marco Soma.

It is easy to flirt with the cutesy when one tries to sum up the role of the school in a few poetic lines. But this album perfectly avoids this pitfall, summarizing with acuity the fifteen years to come for the neo-schoolboy. “There are [des maîtres et des maîtresses] who shout, others who have infinite patience. » At school, there is “fear, joy and sadness. Anger and love. All the feelings. You can even find small pieces of cake there. Ball games ». Right words carried by joyful illustrations, where elephant, rabbit, mouse, turtle cohabit... A whole bestiary with a smiling and peaceful face, like an invitation not to get too excited in these first days of the new school year, because everything is going well. pass.

“What is school? », by Lucas Tortolini and Marco Soma, Sarbacane, 32 p., €16.50. From 4 years old.

> Learning outside the walls

Excerpt from “Le Détour”, by Rozenn Brécard.

What had to happen happened: up too late one Monday morning, a brother and a sister miss the school bus – by a bit, it is true. Left to their own devices in a small port town in the early hours of dawn, they are promised, for the moment of a day, to follow the teaching of the most desired of schools: la buissonnière. The shimmer of the rising sun, the chase with a policeman passing by, the perilous climbing of a cliff, swimming naked in the sea, the joyous escort of a stinky dog… Hoisted under Cardinal of learning, the discovery of the unexpected triumphs with brilliance in this story devoted to the simple pleasures of nature and innocence united.

“Le Détour”, by Rozenn Brécard, La Partie, 72 p., €20. From 6 years old.

> It's only for children!

Excerpt from “Do the comforters go to school?  », by Laurence Salaün and Gilles Rapaport.

Little Yaël and her cuddly Doctor are a bit like Laurel and Hardy, or Starsky and Hutch: we're super happy to run into them when they come back. For this second episode, here they are gathered around a serious, and even very serious subject: who is school for? In any case not for Doctor, who lives very badly this discrimination. School, the real one, where you learn to read and write, is reserved for girls and boys. Obviously, the cuddly toy blames this injustice on his lack of a penis (although he has already explicitly asked Santa Claus to provide him with one). The truth is that Yaël seems very happy to collect her 4-color pen (the top of the hype), her notebooks, her pencil sharpener, and to find Timothée… We understand that it makes people jealous.

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