Your free horoscope sign by sign from February 4 to 10, 2023 by Christine Haas

Your free horoscope sign by sign from February 4 to 10, 2023 by Christine Haas

VIDEO – Here are your predictions for the week, for each sign of the zodiac. The astrologer gives you your outlook on love, wealth, work, family and health.

Permanently, the sky comes alive. The planets have always moved and will move forever. They relate to the planets of your chart and form aspects which are interpreted and described in your horoscope.

Every week, find your free horoscope with Christine Haas (Instagram: @chrishaasoff) on the website of Figaro with TVMagazine .

March 20-April 20
Social life Beware, this week, of any form of mental manipulation (native of the 3e decan). There is someone in your professional or family circle to whom you give too much credit and therefore too much power.
Emotional life Your imagination is stronger than usual. To the point that one wonders if more things are going on in your head than in reality. Keep your feet on the ground, especially if you are 2e decan.

April 20-May 21
Social life The Full Moon on the 5th is restless. Would you have to make a choice between your family responsibilities and your professional obligations? Think a little about yourself and free yourself from any form of guilt (it’s useless).
Emotional life You often tend to stay in your comfort zone. And to get bogged down in a routine that is not very buoyant. Make an effort to go out and meet new faces… You never know.

May 21-June 21
Social life Mars, the planet of action, now occupies your 2e decan. This is the right timing to start a new job or relaunch a project. The other side of the coin is that you also risk being on edge.
Emotional life The tensions of the past week should have subsided. If you have ever gone a little too hard with your partner, or with a loved one, you will now have to find a way to make yourself forgiven.

June 21-July 23
Social life Do not let yourself be reached by the gratuitous wickedness of some. They are only jealous people who seek to destabilize you. Do not give them the pleasure of showing them that you are touched (3e decan).
Emotional life The planet of love, Venus, continues to send you good influxes from the friendly sign of Pisces. Whether you are single or in a relationship, you feel warmly surrounded (born around March 7).

July 23-August 23
Social life On the 5th, you will welcome the full moon. It will be in dissonance with the intransigent Uranus. You will have to be careful not to be too hard on yourself, and on the people you meet on a daily basis (2e decan).
Emotional life Do you have doubts about your spouse’s feelings or the intentions of a suitor? Unfortunately, only time can tell if your fears are justified or irrational. Be patient.

August 23-September 23
Social life When it is said that you can be forced to thank you, it’s true! You need to feel useful so much that you wear yourself out doing favors for others. You have to learn to say no and refocus on yourself.
Emotional life You will spare no effort to get closer to your partner and prove to him that you are capable of surprising him. Single, accept invitations, your friends might introduce you to someone.

September 23-October 23
Social life An unexpected expense will cause stress because you will wonder how to pay. A priori, you should find an original solution fairly quickly. Trust yourself (native of 2e decan).
Emotional life Have you been fantasizing about a colleague, a neighbor or a person you meet in transport for several weeks? It might be time to send him some more explicit signals…

October 23-November 22
Social life Someone in your family circle could make an impulsive decision around the 5th and put you up against the wall. Try not to worry too much, things will not be set in stone.
Emotional life Whatever happens, you can count on the loving support of your partner or one of your friends. You just need to be able to open up and talk about how you feel (2e decan).

November 22-December 22
Social life This is not the best week of the year to start administrative procedures or important discussions. You’ll feel like you’re not being listened to, so better procrastinate (3e decan).
Emotional life Venus, the planet of love, always occupies your sector of family, past, and home. It’s the perfect time to see an ex, celebrate a birthday or redecorate your cozy little nest.

December 22-January 20
Social life You will find, once again, that your realism passes for pessimism with the people around you. And it’s a shame because in the end, you’re almost always right (native of 3e decan).
Emotional life One-night stands aren’t really your cup of tea. And yet, it feels good, from time to time, to feel that we like, that we don’t leave others indifferent. Experience it, you will see…

January 20-February 19
Social life Definitely, things have been happening in your life for the past few days, especially if you were born around February 6. Try to stay calm and not throw everyone off on a whim.
Emotional life Your love life is probably not the focus of your concerns. It’s not a problem if you’re single. But if you’re in a relationship, remember that a relationship requires a little attention.

February 19-March 20
Social life Your charm and your natural sweetness will be your greatest assets this week to impose yourself in this world of brutes! Nothing like a nice smile to disarm the aggressiveness of your interlocutors (2e decan).
Emotional life Your family life has not been easy for several months, because of a disagreement or work in your house that takes longer than expected. It’s tiring, but it’s temporary. Do not be discouraged.

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