Your free horoscope sign by sign from March 11 to 17, 2023 by Christine Haas

Your free horoscope sign by sign from March 11 to 17, 2023 by Christine Haas

VIDEO – Here are your predictions for the week, for each sign of the zodiac. The astrologer gives you your outlook on love, wealth, work, family and health.

Permanently, the sky comes alive. The planets have always moved and will move forever. They relate to the planets of your chart and form aspects which are interpreted and described in your horoscope.

Every week, find your free horoscope with Christine Haas (Instagram: @chrishaasoff) on the website of Figaro with TVMagazine .


February 19 – March 20

Social life The situation is not easy if you blow out your candles this week. It seems that you are bubbling with anger and that you don’t really know what to do with it… How about talking to the person concerned?

Emotional life Your charm will not leave others insensitive. It will even be very flattering for your ego (born in February). But be careful not to give false hope to someone you don’t really like.


March 20 – April 20

Social life The Sun ends its race in Pisces and forms aspects that are disturbing to say the least. It wouldn’t be surprising if you had a wild imagination. Do not make too many films, if possible (3e decan).

Emotional life From the 16th, the planet of love (Venus) will occupy your neighbor Taurus. This transit will focus on your emotional needs. You will probably be in high demand.


April 20 – May 21

Social life This is the right time to invest yourself 100% in the development of a new project. Or to seek the aid necessary for its realization. We could give you excellent advice (born around May 16).

Emotional life Your romantic relationships are going to be in the spotlight starting on the 16th as Venus arrives in your sign. If you make an encounter, chances are it will last (1er decan).


May 21 – June 21

Social life You are exhausting yourself from being on all fronts at the same time. Try saying no and setting limits. You need to take a breather (especially 3e decan).

Emotional life More things will happen in your head than in reality from the 16th. You will also have to be careful not to misunderstand the intentions of someone around you (born in May).


June 21 – July 23

Social life Are the tensions palpable in your professional or family environment? Don’t try to get involved and play the good Samaritan (born around July 18). It is better for you to stay back.

Emotional life Take advantage of the transit of Venus (love) in Taurus between March 16 and April 11 to get out of your comfort zone. Routine is reassuring, but it can also hinder your development.


July 23 – August 23

Social life Your mind is very intrusive and it is not necessarily pleasant to live on a daily basis (3e decan). In these cases, it is recommended to short-circuit it. By being more in the action, for example.

Emotional life You are a rock to your loved ones. They know they can count on you in all circumstances. And they tend to do it a little too much. Why don’t you just let them have their way for once?


August 23 – September 23

Social life Do not make any major commitments, at work or in your personal life. You receive aspects that indicate that we are not playing fair with you (3e decan). Be careful.

Emotional life Good news ! The planet of love (Venus) arrives in the friendly sign of Taurus. It will occupy, until April 11, one of the most fulfilling sectors of your zodiac. You will be very confident.


September 23 – October 23

Social life It is possible that you are literally overwhelmed by your daily life. You have too many things to do. we must deal with the most urgent and forget all forms of perfectionism (3 decan).

Emotional life The others are not objects that belong to you. And it is not by being on their backs that you will establish healthy and satisfying relationships. Your challenge is to learn to trust.


October 23 – November 22

Social life You will not lack inspiration! Your ideas will be excellent and they will often be unanimous with your interlocutors. Unless you’re dealing with jealous people (3e decan).

Emotional life You will go to great lengths to maintain good relationships with the people you love. And you should see a nice improvement from the 16th, especially if you were born in October.


November 22 – December 22

Social life Everything will be simpler from the 20th, when the Sun enters friend Aries. For now, you are advised to lay back and wait to see more clearly before making any decision.

Emotional life The atmosphere will be less intense and much calmer from the 16th (1er decan). But that’s not necessarily a bad thing, because you need to be in an environment of calm and serenity.


December 22 – January 20

Social life You will have to be very precise in your explanations and your various speeches (3e decan). Misunderstandings and misunderstandings are likely to be very numerous.

Emotional life You are one of the signs that will greatly appreciate the arrival of Venus (love, well-being) in Taurus on the 16th. In one way or another, you will feel valued. You will have a better image of yourself.


January 20 – February 19

Social life Someone could try to impose their will on you or, worse, put you into a corner (born around February 14). And you hate having your hand forced! So don’t be fooled.

Emotional life It is the family that will be honored with, for some, a wedding or a celebration that will allow you to rub shoulders with loved ones that you do not see often. You will evoke good memories together (1er decan).

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