Zazie defends Aurélien during the finale of “The Voice”

The coach supported his talent, the victim of virulent criticism on social networks.

After three months of competition, Aurélien was crowned the big winner of season 12 of “The Voice”. In the final, which was held on Saturday June 3, the 34-year-old storekeeper won the singing competition of TF1 against his comrade Micha by accumulating 68.3% of the public vote.
During the evening, the amateur singer impressed everyone with his magnificent performances. The one who had amazed the jurors during the blind auditions by interpreting Franz Schubert’s Ave Maria was able to count on the unfailing support of Zazie who accompanied, advised and supported him throughout the competition.

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At the start of the program, the father of two children, living in Lot-et-Garonne, sang with enthusiasm When we only have love by Jacques Brel.

“Tyou haven’t changed since the blind auditions »


After a beautiful interpretation of this clic French song, Zazie paid him a beautiful tribute and highlighted the fact that he had been the victim of virulent criticism on social networks. “You haven’t changed since the blind auditions. Going from shadow to light, being recognized suddenly by people in the street, having thousands of benevolent messages, encouragement but also difficult to read, insulting, things about the physical that you had. .. and stay as you are, not change one iota, namely the same smile, the same joy, the same modesty, the elegance of the heart, the same respect for the teams behind . »

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Before knowing the result of the evening, the coach wanted to reure his talent by telling him: “Are you (…), are you the voice tonight? I don’t have the answer, it doesn’t belong to me (…). But I just want to tell you that you have already won everything. Because you have won the fact of not changing. That’s the great artists who do that. I thank you for that. » Aurélien, for his part, was very happy to be coached by Zazie, for whom he has deep respect: “I feel like we already knew each other. She is an excellent coach and I am a fan of her work.he told us.
During the Super Cross Battles Mika had told Zazie’s talent that he had to prepare because “His life was about to change”. The former coach of “The Voice” was right. Aurélien, carried by his tenor voice, finally won the competition. Even if he did not dare to believe it, the one that the other candidates nicknamed the “legendary Pokémon” for the power of his voice, had nevertheless taken the lead in his professional life by leaving his position as a storekeeper in a DIY sign. . “You have to give yourself the means to start a career”he explained to us.

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