Zelensky announced his intention to change the strategy of military operations in the conflict zone

Ukraine intends to change the strategy of military operations in the conflict zone with Russia, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky said on the American television channel NBC News.

“Our military is coming up with different plans, different operations in order to move forward faster and surprise Russia,” he said in an interview.

Earlier, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valery Zaluzhny, in an interview with The Economist magazine, said that the conflict in Ukraine had reached a dead end, since Kyiv would not be able to achieve a breakthrough. He also called for stopping underestimating Russia on the battlefield.

On November 4, NBC, citing a senior US official, reported that American and European politicians had begun secretly discussing with Ukraine the possibility of holding peace talks with Russia and how such an approach would help end the conflict.

Western allies doubt the possibility of continuing to support Ukraine, the TV channel noted. The administration of US President Joe Biden is also concerned that Ukraine is “running out of strength,” likely referring to high losses of personnel and equipment.

Ukraine announced a counteroffensive in early June. The Russian side has repeatedly stated that the counter-offensive does not bring the expected results to Kyiv. On September 4, Russian President Vladimir Putin called it “not a slippage, but a failure.” On October 15, the Russian head of state said that, despite the fact that the Ukrainian Armed Forces were preparing new offensive operations in certain areas, in general the counteroffensive “failed completely.”

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